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Behavioral Wellness and Consulting, LLC was created by a caring group of cognitive-behavioral specialists who wanted to create a new, better kind of service...one that was not focused entirely on the problems and challenges we face in life, but also on each individual's strengths.  


We wanted to create a premier clinic where every child, every adult is more than a diagnosis or a problem.  As a result, our philosophy is best summed in our abbreviated name and motto to help every client find their strengths and bēh well.  We emphasize the use of "evidence-based treatments," therapies that have been studied carefully by psychologists across the country and globe.

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Our Services

We proudly provide evidence-based treatment--therapy based on carefully conducted research and study.  Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting new patients.

Current Openings:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Davis is not currently accepting new patients for in-person treatment or assessment services and does not currently offer telehealth alternatives.

He still offers a variety of consulting services, trainings, and workshops (including trainings in how to do One-Session Treatment). 


We offer a wide range of testing services for children and teens, including evaluations for ADHD, Specific Learning Disorders and school accommodations, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and other mental health concerns (e.g., anxiety, depression, OCD, etc.). 


Evaluations come with a detailed report upon completion and include a feedback session where your child's results are discussed with Dr. Davis and your questions are addressed.


Dr. Davis has been conducting psychoeducational evaluations for nearly 20 years--put his decades of experience to work for you and your child or teen. We strive to provide a quick turnaround on evaluations (several weeks, not months!).

Children & Teens

We offer child and adolescent therapy for a wide range of concerns.


While we specialize in the treatment of anxiety and phobia (intense fears), we offer behavioral and cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) options for a wide variety of  difficulties (e.g., ADHD, toilet training, tantrums, mild-moderate depression, hair-pulling, OCD, etc.).


We also offer parent training. 

Gifted Testing

We offer gifted testing services to help in determining if your child or teen meets criteria for entry into a gifted program in the state of Louisiana (note: we are not affiliated with Pupil Appraisal or the state). 


IQ and achievement testing are performed to determine your child's strengths, along with contacting your child's teacher if appropriate.  Gifted testing comes with a detailed report upon completion and includes a feedback session where your child's results are discussed with Dr. Davis and your questions are addressed.


Services are also occasionally offered for younger children (e.g., 3-year-olds) when required for school/program admission with the understanding that results at that age may not be indicative of long-term scores/abilities.  

One-Session Treatment

Are fears of things like roaches, lizards, dogs, heights, needles, etc. a problem for you or your child? 


Specific phobias (intense fears) are the single most common mental health concern. Did you know these fears can be treated in as little as a few hours?


Dr. Davis is an internationally recognized expert in brief treatment for specific phobias. We offer One-Session Treatment to children and adults. 

Parenting Group

Individual sessions not your thing?


We occasionally offer group parenting sessions.  Learn how to address the unique challenges of your child in a supportive group of other parents who have similar experiences.

Group typically lasts 6-8 sessions (1 session per week) and includes a parenting book and relevant handouts and worksheets.